PUBG Mobile Lite for IOS Download Latest version 2024

PUBG Mobile has always been a popular game among every gamer. This is one of those games that has been played at least once.

No matter how interested you are in playing this game if your device is not supported you won’t be able to play this game.

Not every device can support PUBG Mobile this is why developers have come up with a lite version of this game.

The lite version is a bit toned-down version of the original game with all the features of the original game but in just a smaller package.

If your device doesn’t support the original game then you can try the PUBG mobile lite version and enjoy the same game.

So if your device also fails to support PUBG Mobile with the help of this guide you will be able to know more about PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS.

PUBG Mobile Lite for IOS Download

PUBG mobile lite for iOS is it Available or Not?

Before moving further you should know that as of today this game is not available on the app store and not officially available to download, install and play.

You will find the reason for this in this article but if you just want to know whether PUBG mobile lite is available for iOS or not then the answer is No, unfortunately, PUBG mobile lite is not available for iOS devices.

Why is PUBG mobile not available for iOS?

The reason is very simple when the original version is very well supported on iOS devices there is no need for a lite version.

Unlike low-end Android devices, all iOS devices come with powerful processors and RAM that are capable of running almost any game on the device.

But there are many low-end Android devices with 2GB RAM where PUBG mobile is not supported,

This is why there was a need to bring a lite version of the game to help those players with low-end devices to enjoy this game.

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS?

Any website claiming that they are providing PUBG mobile lite for iOS is fake.

As you know that iOS devices don’t allow installing apps from unknown sources there is no possible way you will be able to download the APK of the game and install it on your device.

If you open your App Store on your iOS device and search for the game “PUBG Mobile Lite,” you won’t find the game on the store.

This is because the developers haven’t released any such version of this game.

There are many sources out there that are providing the downloadable file for PUBG mobile lite which is of course fake and now you know the reason why.

System Requirements for PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS

For those sources who are claiming that you are going to need iOS 9.0 or later should know that this is the minimum requirement for running the original PUBG mobile game.

And in addition to that you will need an iPhone 5s or higher and also you will need a Stable internet connection to play the game.

If you have a device with such specifications then there is no need for PUBG mobile lite version for you.

However, there are some notable features that only PUBG Mobile lite has like smaller maps and quick gameplay, and many more. Let’s have a closer look at the features of PUBG Mobile lite as well.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS

60 Players Battle Royale – Since the map is smaller, in PUBG mobile lite it won’t make sense to have all 100 players on such a small map.

This is why this game has 60 players so as to reduce the size of the game and still make it competitive for players.

Fast Gameplay – when you are going up against 60 players rather than going up against 100 players, the time to end the game will also be reduced.

So the game will end quickly and you will be able to play more matches and get more chicken dinners.

High-Quality Graphics – although this is a lite version of the original game, the developers haven’t made any compromise on the graphics quality of this game.

The graphics of PUBG Mobile lite are as amazing as the original PUBG mobile.

Team up with Friends – Teaming up with friends and communicating with them are among the reasons for the immense popularity of this game.

This is why you will be able to enjoy the same on every version of this game. 

In addition to these amazing features, there are many gameplay modes that you can play with your friends.

The gameplay modes include Classic Mode and Arcade Mode, offering Deathmatch, War, and War RPG more.

It also includes Payload Mode which is just like the original version.


Hope you now have an idea of how amazing this game is. But this is now the main agenda of this article.

No matter how good this game is, it is still not available for iOS devices. If you are eager to play this game you can still go for the original version of PUBG mobile.

You need to be careful of fake sources that claim to provide PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS and prioritize your device’s security.

Stay informed and updated through this website, and who knows, a lite version for iOS might be developed in the future, bringing an exceptional gaming experience to even more players.

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