How to purchase PUBG Lite BC (Battle Coin) with heavy discount 2024

How to purchase PUBG Lite BC

In today’s era, everyone is liking online games and the biggest name in it is Pubg Mobile. But if you have a low RAM phone then you can enjoy PUBG Mobile Lite. And in this, you will get all the features of Pubg only but with some changes. As you will get to see such good graphics. You will not get to see more features and bigger maps like Pubg mobile.

You will get to see a map of 2km x 2km in this and there will be a match of 15min which looks very good. Along with you, 59 players are landed on an island, and the person who remains alive in the last becomes the winner. It works very well on phones with good RAM.

But the biggest problem is that if you are playing the game and do not take the winner pass then your character does not look anything special. If you want to make your character look like a Pro, then you have to take the Royale Pass. But for that, you just have to purchase BC. So don’t worry, in today’s article, we are going to teach you how to purchase BC at a heavy discount.

What is BC (Battle Coin)?

If you buy something in every game, then you have to buy it with in-game currency only. Because another currency is not allowed in any game. Similarly, in PUBG Mobile Lite also you need Battle Coins (BC) to buy Royal Pass, Clothes, Skin etc. Battle coin (BC) is an in-game currency. that allow to use for purchasing Royale passes, new top-ups, creates, clothes, and many more.

Many websites are available on the internet, which provide BC very cheaply and a very good discount is also available. In today’s article, we are going to tell you all the ways through which you can easily buy a BC. If you are going to tell us about both how to buy BC in the game and how to buy BC from the website, then stay connected with us till the end.

How to buy BC in the game

Many people prefer to buy BC only in Pubg Mobile Lite because there is no fraud there. And just immediately BC comes to your account. If you do not know how to buy BC in-game, then today we are going to tell you step by step, do not miss any step.

  • First of all, you have to open pubg mobile lite on your phone.
  • After this, you have to click on the + icon on the side of bc.
How to purchase PUBG Lite BC
  • Now bc will appear in front of you, click on the pack you want.
How to purchase PUBG Lite BC
  • After selecting BC, you will be redirected to the payment option of the Google Play Store.
  • Now you have to select the payment option. Payment has to be made by (Debit card, UPI, Credit card, Net Banking), etc.
  • After payment, you will be redirected back to the game where you will see the purchased BC.
  • Now you can spend BC as per your choice.

In this way, you will be able to purchase BC in a very short time and this method is completely official, so you will not get any kind of fraud. Because there are many fake websites on the internet that do medicine to give BC cheaply. But you should buy Battle Coin in an official way only so that your money is not misused.

BC Coin Price in India (Official IN-Game)

Price (Rs)BC Quantity
8560 + 30 Bonus
240190 + 95 Bonus
410320 + 160 Bonus
820650 + 325 Bonus
20501700 + 850 Bonus
41503600 + 1750 Bonus

BC Coin Price in other Countries USD (Official IN-Game)

Price (Rs)BC Quantity
0.9960 + 30 Bonus
2.99190 + 95 Bonus
4.99320 + 160 Bonus
9.99650 + 325 Bonus
24.991700 + 850 Bonus
49.993600 + 1750 Bonus

How to Buy BC from Website?

If you want to buy Battle Coin (BC) from the website, then do not worry, we are going to tell you two such websites from where you will get BC at a huge discount and this is the official website that supports pubg mobile lite. Apart from this, we do not support any websites because we do not know about them and will not advise you to buy BC from any other website.


Midasbuy is a very trusted website from where many players purchase BC. If you also want battle coins with huge discounts then you can buy them from this website. But this website accepts only a few methods of payment, so you have to check all this first.

  1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of Midasbuy:
  2. Click on the PUBG Mobile Lite option and choose your location.
  3. Now the top-up section, you have to fill in the PUBG Mobile Lite Player ID.
  4. Now Pick the suitable option for payment.
  5. There are lot of payment options pay by mobile, Convenience Store, Bank, Gcash, 7-ELEVEN, Razer Gold Pin, and Razer Gold.
  6. Select the amount of BC that you want to purchase. if you select more BC you will get more Top-up.
  7. Now enter your date of birth and click on the pay now button.
  8. You will be asked to make an agreement on MidasBuy terms of service and privacy policy. Check both of the two boxes to continue.
  9. on the payment page, you can check your transaction details. Putt in your pin and click on the Pay button.

Midasbuy BC Price

Price (Rs)BC Quanity
7560 + 30
150120 + 60
300260 + 130
450390 + 195
600510 + 255
750650 + 325
15001300 + 650
30002720 + 1360


This is also another website like midasbuy from where you can purchase BC for pubg mobile lite. In this also you are going to get a very good discount, so without any delay let us tell you how you can purchase BC from this website. So follow all the steps.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official website of seagm:
  2. Click on the PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coin (BC) Option.
  3. Select the amount of BC you want to purchase from this website. you will show the bonus front of the amount of BC.
  4. Now fill your PUBG Mobile Lite Player ID in the Box.
  5. Check out and select your payment method.
  6. Many payment options are available on Seagm debit card, credit card, bitcoin, UPI, Netbanking, Skrill, and Neosurf.
  7. Once payment is made, the PUBG Mobile Lite BC you purchased will be credited to your PUBG Mobile Lite Account shortly.

In this way, you can easily purchase the bus for pubg mobile lite.

Seagm BC Price List

Price (Rs)BC Quantity
9170 + 42
127100 + 60
182150 + 90
364300 + 180
545460 + 276
727610 + 366
909780 +468
18181560 + 936
36373260 + 1956
54565030 + 3018
90948620 + 5172
1818817240 + 10344
3637634470 + 20682
5456451710 + 31026

The more you purchase BC, the more you are going to benefit. Because in that the more you are going to get bonus.


BC is very important in pubg Mobile lite like money is needed to buy something in life, similarly, money is needed to buy anything in the game, which we call BC. Today I have told you 3 ways by which you can buy Battle Coins. If you have liked the information given by us, then do not forget to give a rating on our post. And share this post with your friends.

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